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Stained Glass Fundraising? No problem.

Concerned about paying for your stained glass project? Nothing in the life of a congregation is easier to raise money for than stained glass. Other than possibly a pipe organ, stained glass just doesn’t have rivals. Money that comes for stained glass is rarely from the same source as the operating budget or a building fund.

We at the American Consultation on Stained Glass are constantly searching for ways to assist the many churches and synagogues we serve throughout the nation, and we are ready to partner with you in developing fundraising materials for your specific stained glass project.

After we visit your site to evaluate and document the stained glass windows, you will receive our recommendations. Our findings, which include high-resolution photographs, are presented in a professional, detailed manner that will get your congregation excited about caring for one of their most valuable treasures.

Upon request, we will also provide you with a set of "adopt-a-window cards," which congregations across the country have found highly effective. The personalized cards can be attached to the windows, listing individual restoration needs, replacement values and the amount needed for family adoption.

Whatever your situation or needs, please know we will glady assist you with personalized fundraising materials.



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Nothing in the life of a congregation is easier to raise money for than stained glass! We will work with you to provide personilzed fundraising materials.

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