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New Stained Glass

There is nothing more beautiful than God’s light shining through a stained glass window. Why construct a new building in darkness? Instead, build one that will inspire and uplift worshippers for decades to come! Even the simplest colored glass has a way of allowing God’s light to uniquely pour into a sanctuary...adding to the mystery and holiness of this sacred place.

Concerned about paying for stained glass? Actually there is nothing in the life of a congregation easier to raise money for than stained glass. Many churches even find that stained glass sponsorship goes above and beyond the actual cost of windows and can be used toward other church needs as well. We at American Consultation on Stained Glass are prepared to partner with you through the fundraising experience - click here to read more.

Let the American Consultation on Stained Glass help you choose the perfect stained glass. We can walk you through the five elements of selecting new stained glass: theme, design style, shape, color, and budget.



Appraisal Guide

Our article talking about the future of stained glass was featured in RPN's August 2012 Sanctuary & Seating Guide. Click here to see the full article!

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