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Stained Glass Appraisal Guide

The Stained Glass Appraisal Guide is a must have for everyone concerned with the preservation of stained glass windows. The second edition of the appraisal guide is the ultimate how-to book for religious institutions, church insurance companies, and the entire stained glass industry. This full-color, 280-page guide contains research results from 22 major stained glass studios. Learn how to plan for new stained glass and how to restore, protect and insulate aging stained glass. Order your copy today!

Stained Glass Bible cover The Stained Glass Bible: For centuries, stained glass has infused the sanctuary with "scripture held up to the light." Through the release of brilliant hues, the power and mystery of God's story has been told to billions across the decades. The Stained Glass Bible captures this feast of light and color as seen in windows throughout the country, paired with the beauty of God's Holy Word. Now you can read the scripture and see it visualized at the same time - what better way to experience the message that religious leaders have sought to share over the millennia? See a sample from The Stained Glass Bible highlighting the ministry of Christ. Order your copy today!

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God's Story Through God's Light cover

Email us for a free .pdf of God's Story through God's Light, a series of instructional articles written by ACSG founder, Dr. Gary Gray. Each article deals with a specific aspect of stained glass: designing new windows; how windows are made; how to inspect your stained glass; the levels of restoration; and the protection of your stained glass.


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